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Customs plays a vital role in protecting country's borders from the entry of illegal and harmful goods and unauthorised people. To report suspicious border activities please call: Saint Kitts Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3266 or Nevis Tel.1(869)469-5063 Ext. 2183

Your feedback helps Customs to improve our service to clients. If you have any complaints, please bring it to attention of a Customs officer.

For Mailing Address:
   Customs and Excise Department
   P.O. Box 1 
   Bird Rock
   St. Kitts

   Telephone: 1(869)466-7227 or 1(869)466-7228
   E-mail: or
   Fax: 1(869)465-8519

For Additional Contact Information:


Saint Kitts Customs
Airport Baggage: Tel. 1(869)465-8007, Fax. 1(869)465-0965, Email   
Aircargo: Tel. 1(869)465-8013, Email   
Enforcement: Tel. 1(869)466-7227 or 7228 Ext. 3266, Email   
Enforcement: Fax. 1(869)466-1169   
Longroom: Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3247 or Ext. 3230, Email   
Warehouse: Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3252  or Ext. 3231, Email  
Customs Department: Tel. 1(869)466-7227/7228 or Tel. 1(869)466-1168, Email   
Boarding Office: Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3255 or  Tel. 1(869)465-8121 Ext. 100, Email   
Boarding Office Port Zante: Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3232, Email  
Courier: Tel. Tel. 1(869)466-7227 Ext. 3260 or Tel. 1(869)466-1601, Email   


Nevis Customs
Airport Baggage: Tel. 1(869)469-9343   
Boarding Office: Tel. 1(869)469-5063 Ext. 2183   
Warehouse: Tel. 1(869)469-5521 Ext. 2066   
Customs Department: Tel. 1(869)469-0705   
Fax: 1(869)469-0705 E-mail:

Systems Administrator

If you find any technical problems or content related problem with this website, please email the webmaster :
   Telephone: 1(869)466-7227 or 1(869)466-7228 ext. 3259

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